GMSQUEST-Certification Roadmap

GMSQUEST-Certification programmes have been designed to assist your company to maintain a high level of compliance in line with industry best practice. Our programmes are targeted at helping your organaisation to identify areas of improvement that will provide bottom line benefits to your business.

Tendering for government work ?
For most government agency work, certification is a mandatory requirement for companies
why you are seeking the Certification ?
It is our priority to evaluate exactly why you are seeking the Certification so that we can tailor our services to suit you.
Corporate Mandate ?
Many organisations implement management systems and seek certification for the purpose of exercising and reporting operational due diligence.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Who can take ISO certificate?
Any company, irrespective of the size can go for ISO Certification. You can go for ISO certification even if your organization is run by just 1 staff.
What do I need?
As business becomes ever more competitive, ISO Certification can be a cost – effective means to demonstrate to customers that quality assurance is of paramount importance to your organisation. A recent study of various organisations with ISO Certification revealed an increase in turnover, sales, customer satisfaction and savings.
What will it cost?

The cost mainly depends upon number of employees in your organization, your products and services. The cost also depends upon accreditation body and certification body. Our services are not only competitive but also come to you with highest standards of professionalism. So, for hassle -free certification, call us today on

How can I make the payment?
You can make the payment from any part of the world using wire transfer. Or you can inform us the payment option that suits you.
Any hidden charges involved?
No, Apart from Service Tax applicable no other charges are charged.


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Our aim is to turn knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients


MS QUEST is one of the few consulting organizations in the world having domain expertise for almost all the industry sectors. Our unmatched expertise and understanding of global economics makes it easier for your organization to achieve any International Certification. Our aim is to turn knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients.

We have expertise across the different industry verticals covering Manufacturing, Service Sector, Automobile, Banking, Hospitals, Education, Food Industry, Software & IT Enabled Services, Garment & Textile, Paper, Tobacco, Schools, Real Estate, Plastics & Polymer, Leather, Pipe & Tank Manufacturing, Nursing Homes, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Manufacturers, Media & Entertainment, Steel, Telecommunication, Marketing & Market Research, FMCG, Office Automation, Electronics & Electrical, Tools & Equipment, Food Processing and Chemical Industries.